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Banks & Credit cards companies

Bank is our ultimate customer, the banking world is becoming almost completely digital. Face-int- security, enables secure identification with 100% success rates, so if the account holder is not kidnapped, his bank app cannot be hacked,no one cant his steal money and personal information.
We guarantee financial viability and customer information security.

cryptocurrencies wallets

The crypto is a digital currency that resides in a digital wallet, digital currencies have become very common and marketable so they should not be underestimated and should be secured with the same level of bank security.

Subscription Management

The old-fashioned method of identifying with a username and password is replaced with modern and easy-to-use facial recognition.
Multiple passwords on different sites cause confusion, forgetting and transferability to non-subscribers, so the content can be enjoyed at the expense of one subscription at no extra charge.
Face recognition with our software prevents this and can connect to any standard computer and camera.


In workplaces where the information is sensitive, it is necessary to secure and identify users on the network.
Face recognition is the most secure and non-invasive way on the market today.